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Find answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

A. They are provided in the specific page for each product.

A. Anyone without experience can run a store if you complete the systematic manual education of EGGDROP.

A1. When you own a store
- The business development team of headquarters analyzes the commercial district of the store and estimated profit to inform you about its appropriateness.

A2. When you do not own a store
- The business development team of headquarters consider your desired region’s commercial district and investment amount to secure and analyze the optimum store and inform you. You can check the enterable offerings on the “recommended stores for new openings” page within our website.

A. As it varies among the commercial districts and conditions of locations, please refer to our manager of the business development team for details.

A. The SV provides operational support for 3 days after opening, and we offer measures for profit expansion through consistent business guidance and monitoring.